Slow And Say Hello

Slow & Say Hello is our off-road trail safety education program, created in collaboration with the Marin Horse Council and the Marin Conservation League.

Safe trails. We’re all here to enjoy the beauty, adventure and wilderness of Marin’s public lands. Turns out, we have a lot in common. Whether you’re on foot, hooves or wheels, slow and say “hello” when you pass fellow travelers. We all deserve safe trails. Be a partner. Spread the word!

A major component of this program are our Slow and Say Hello! Outposts! Members of Trail Partners set up a tent and information center at key locations to engage with hikers, bikers, walkers, runners and equestrians about trail safety and resource protection. Visitors are asked to take a short trail quiz with questions such as…

“When a puddle spans the entire width of the trail, should you go through it or around it?”
“When you approach a horse and rider on the trial, on which side should you pass?”
“What issues do earbuds create?”

You’ll have to come out to one of the outposts to learn the answers, and if you answer correctly (or make a good effort in trying), you’ll receive a gift, including Slow and Say Hello! socks, hats or tote bag! The questions always manage to spark a conversation and to make people think more about their impact on other trail users and the environment.

2022 Schedule

Saturday, March 26 – Rodeo Valley Trailhead (across from Presidio Riding Club Stables)
Saturday, April 16 – Rush Creek Novato
Saturday, April 30 – Pantoll Station (Ridge to Bridge)
Saturday, May 14 – Miwok Meadows China Camp
Saturday, June 11 – Mount Burdell Novato
Sunday, June 19 – West Point Inn Mt. Tam (Pancake Breakfast)
Saturday, July 23 – Tennessee Valley (Dirt Fondo)

Saturday, August 13 – Rush Creek
Saturday, August 27 – China Camp
Saturday, September 10 – Phoenix Lake
Saturday, September 24 – Mission Pass/Fawn Drive pathway
Saturday, October 1 – Old Railroad Grade at Horseshoe Fire Road
Saturday, October 22 – Pantoll Station

***All outposts will be set up from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm***

Read the Slow & Say Hello! Brochure

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Volunteers engage with visitors, ask them a series of questions and give them freebies! The questions are designed to encourage a dialog about positive interactions among trail users and instill an appreciation for the unique plants and wildlife that make Marin such a rich bio-diverse destination.

Perks include a free Slow & Say Hello t-shirt and hat. 

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Click here to learn more about our Slow and Say Hello program.

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